My aim for this blog is to just be me. I’ve spent years devoting little pockets of time to different blogs only to lose interest and forget about them and this is my attempt to change that. And also, I just miss writing, it was a hobby in high school and it just fell by the wayside when I started college and then university and the workload began to pile up. But now those days are over and I guess I don’t have much better to do.

I suppose I should introduce myself. My name’s Natalie, I’m 23 and I run a small shop on Etsy called Fanomenal Crafts where I make colouring books based on TV shows and popular actors. I’m also what people like to call plus size, though that term feels a bit too American for my liking and I haven’t thought of a term that I’m particularly happy with. AKA I’m a UK size 18, which I think is a US 14 and a European 46(?).

This blog is going to be a mash-up of everything and anything I feel like writing about at the time; from body positivity, fashion and beauty to sexuality, product and book reviews and events in my life. Some of it might become way too graphically personal so I’m going to apologise now for that. But this is how I want to express myself and I’m hoping that my words might reach someone who it helps, and if it doesn’t then at least I’m finally writing again.

I also like to start a lot of my sentences with conjunctions or prepositions. Be wary of that and try not to be mad at me for it.