Grammys 2017

The Grammys is over for another year and all most people are talking about is Adele’s Mean Girl-esque trophy break and Rihanna’s bedazzled hip flask. But I’d like to take a moment to praise some red carpet outfits. Specifically, plus size red carpet outfits.

Plus size fashion has been growing as an industry exponentially these past few years, and with greater access to fashion rather than just clothes, there’s been a push towards really loving and commanding your size, and dressing to express that confidence and badassery. Although we’re often still treated like an inferior fashion market, it’s beginning to grow to the point where soon our wants and needs will no longer be ignored, because we simply won’t be silenced.

So I want to talk about a couple of my favourite looks.

3. Jill Scott

How kickass is this pantsuit?


Mark Ralston / AFP / Getty Images

Taking the current trend of clothing with powerful shoulders, this ensemble commands a certain amount of attention, and dressed up with a dark lip and lighter shoes gives it a less serious note that somehow manages to freshen up a concept that could quite easily have begun to look like officewear with the wrong styling.

Also, I can’t find a photo to clarify, but if she’s wearing flats she gets 432,891,674 bonus points.

2. Adele

No one on this planet can say this Givenchy dress wasn’t stunning.


Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

The different textures of material give this dress both a romantic Grecian and hard armour appearance, and the khaki colour offsets her hair and skintone perfectly. And I have to applaud her for sporting translucent mesh (one of this season’s trends that I’m not 100% sold on yet) so subtly but effectively.

And my number 1 look has got to go to Elle King.


Joe Scarnici / Getty Images

I know it’s a whole lotta look, and for a lot of people it’s probably too many of this season’s trends melded into one, but I can’t help but love it. The way this Teuta Matoshi dress is styled and how it perfectly accents her tattoos, her skintone and her make up, to me make it whimsical and ethereal, and just beautiful. I know I’ve already seen this look on a few worst dressed lists but screw the haters, she looks gorgeous and to me this dress is everything.

And look how happy she is about her awesome shoes!


Phil McCarten / CBS



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