Dungarees & Disney

So, I’ve decided to take a short break from writing all about myself and whatever slightly self-absorb things I assume everyone’s interested in to talk about something I used to consider vain and shallow: fashion.

Now, my brother studied fashion for 4 years at college and university, he has a degree in it and I’ve been surrounded by it for at least 7 years now. I’ve learnt quite a bit through him and the conversations and debates we’ve had, but the one thing I never really understood was how he could justify spending so much money on designer clothes. But now I finally get it. Now I have confidence in myself and my body and I want to show my personality proudly to the world, I’ve take a much greater interest in fashion and its many different applications. Fashion is much more than getting dressed on a morning- it’s a way of self expression, of showing the world who you are without even having to open your mouth. It can tell people if you’re confident, shy, quirky, loud, adventurous, understated, classy, athletic, artistic, the list goes on…

I don’t have the money that my brother has to spend on clothes, and I’m limited on choice due to my size so I can’t always fully express my true self through my clothing, but I would like to show off my style every once in a while when I’m feeling especially cute or sexy (I got the SEXIEST jeans delivered today that I’ll share in a different post when I’ve taken some photos of them). This is what I definitely class as my cutest outfit to date, and of course it’s disney and dungaree orientated. I always feel cute in my dungarees and dungaree dresses- I think cuteness and dungarees go hand in hand, but maybe I’m biased since my brother had an obsession with bright colourful ones 2 years ago.


So, I guess I should do a quick breakdown…

  • Mickey Mouse crop top – Primark £3
  • Grey dungarees – Primark £13
  • Bo Peep Vans Hi Tops from the Vans Toy Story collection – Schuh £?? (I can’t remember, they were a christmas present because I’m very lucky.)

This is by far my favourite thing to wear and feel good about myself in, and those shoes… DAMN they are the greatest, and surprisingly comfortable too.

Also feel I need to give a shout out to NYX for the amazing highlighter, I’m obsessed with the lilac in the Strobe of Genius palette. (I should also point out I’m an amateur at best when it comes to make up, so you’ll have to bear with me- the more photoshoots I do, the better I’ll get at it. Hopefully.)


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